We’re Weymouth's traditional harbourside fishmonger, based in the historic Old Fish Market. In the white-tiled interior, our counters are piled high with the freshest Dorset seafood and shellfish, landed daily on the quayside right outside the shop. We're a community business with strong ties to the local fleet, proud of our produce and its provenance, always ready to answer your questions or offer some expert advice. 

Behind the counters are Steve Abbott and Tim Withers - highly skilled, experienced fishmongers who've worked with fish all their careers. There's craft and artistry to everything they do, whether they’re preparing favourites for regular customers or helping to pick out something different for a special occasion. 


Locally caught, sustainable seafood

The cool, clear waters of the Dorset coast are home to some of Britain’s finest seafood. Daily landings mean world renowned Portland crab and lobster, hand-dived scallops, magnificent sea bass in season, fresh mackerel and pollack, netted sole, turbot, brill and plaice, as well as wonderful local oysters and mussels. But with over 40 local species, from John Dory to Billy Winters, the truth is, you never know quite what the tide will bring in.

The majority of the local Weymouth fleet are small day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets and pots - the most sustainable fishing methods, producing very little by-catch or discards. Most boats are owner-operated, single handed, landing their catch daily to Weyfish.

“There are two things that make Weyfish special.” says owner Sean Cooper. “The first is our location right on the harbour, in touching distance of the local fleet. There’s a clear and obvious link between the fish we sell and the boats that supply it. Secondly, we have a personal relationship with over 30 local boats, so we have a constant supply of fresh, sustainably caught local seafood. Our fish is just hours old when it reaches the counter.”


The Old Fish Market

Weymouth’s historic Old Fish Market has been a harbourside landmark for over 150 years. The Portland stone building, originally a large, single space below a slate clerestory roof, was designed by renowned architect Thomas Talbot Bury, who collaborated with Pugin on the Houses of Parliament.

Constructed in 1855, the market was originally part of a programme of civic modernisation that reflected Weymouth’s popularity for sea bathing. It was built to provide a permanent home for the town’s outdoor fish market, a step up from previous arrangements, containing an ice room for refrigeration and marble stands with a sophisticated piped water system.

The building fulfilled its purpose for several decades, but in the later nineteenth century the commercial market was transferred, and the Old Fish Market was sadly neglected. During the 20th century it played host to a variety of uses, coal, grain and as a council store for fertiliser and then beach equipment. But today, thanks to the efforts of Weyfish and its current owners, the Grade II listed building has been beautifully restored to its intended role, at the commercial heart of the local fishing community. The restoration work has been recognised by a Weymouth Civic Society Award for its contribution to the appearance and general quality of the local environment.


Delivering to your home

During the dark days of the pandemic, it was thanks to the award of a UK Government Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme grant to help small seafood businesses reach a wider market, that we were able to introduce online ordering and home deliveries, and we now offer the fresh Dorset seafood we’re so proud of nationwide. We’ve also established a Click & Collect service, as well as our two Seafood Shack trailers that visit Dorchester and Garsons, Esher in Surrey, on Friday and Saturday each week.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be visiting Weymouth, you’ll find Weyfish at 1 Custom House Quay, on the harbourside. The fishmonger is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4.30pm.

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