Answered: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Answered: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

When confronted with a large variety of fish and shellfish, many people don't know where to start and choosing to try a new recipe, or a different sort of fish can feel daunting. We field lots of customer queries every day, so we've put together the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently to help you buy with confidence.

Is it sustainable?

If you love fish and seafood as we do, then chances are you'd like there to still be plentiful fish stocks in the future. At Weyfish, we only ever sell fish and shellfish from sustainable stocks, and most are trapped with pots or caught with rod and line - the methods with the lowest environmental impact. On each of our online product listings, we give detailed information on the origin of every species we sell. As a consumer, we believe the most meaningful decision you can make to safeguard our seas is to vote with your feet and choose the sustainable option. If you'd like more impartial advice, then the MSC's Good Fish Guide is an excellent place to start. 

Is your fish local?

Yes! We're based on Custom House Quay in Weymouth, so close to the ocean that we can walk out of the shop and dip our toes in the water. Over 60% of the fish and shellfish we sell is carried off the boat and straight through our doors. Local, seasonal fish are almost always good news for sustainability. They have fewer food miles and are often cheaper too. At Weyfish, we buy direct from the boats. That means we can pay the fishermen a better price, and the money stays in our community, supporting jobs and the local economy. 

Can you prepare it for me?

Many people don't know where to start with de-heading, scaling, skinning or filleting, and most home kitchens lack the razor-sharp specialist knives to do the job too. Our fishmongers Tim and Steve, are experts. With over 56 years of experience between them, what they don't know about fish, isn't worth knowing, and they're craftsmen when it comes to wielding a sharp blade. We're more than happy to prepare your fish in any way you'd like. If you're not sure of the options, then please contact us. We're here to provide advice and answer any questions.

When was it caught?

Fish should be eaten as soon as possible after being caught. On a supermarket counter, the fish will have been caught and stored on a boat at sea for several days before even making it to dry land. We buy from day boats. That means we're buying fish on the day they're caught, preparing them, packing them in ice and sending them directly to you. You'll be hard-pressed to find fresher anywhere else. In fact, in our shop, we can tell you who caught your fish and when.


Here's a top tip from Sean Cooper, Owner of Weyfish:

"Don't be afraid to try something new! UK waters have so many native species that taste fantastic and are straightforward to cook. You don't need to be a slave to a recipe either. If the book calls for a particular fish, then substituting for a freshly caught, local or seasonal alternative is usually absolutely fine. If it doubt, ask us for advice and we'll be happy to help."