We're Weymouth's harbourside fishmonger, based in the historic Old Fish Market, with counters full of the freshest Dorset seafood and shellfish, landed daily on the quayside right outside the shop. We're a community business with strong ties to the local fleet, proud of our produce and its provenance, always ready to answer your questions or offer some expert advice.

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Behind the counters you’ll find Steve Abbott and Tim Withers, both highly skilled, experienced fishmongers, who have worked with fish throughout their careers. So while we may have gone high-tech and digital, every order we take online is hand-prepared, on our premises, with fish fresh off the boats, then carefully packed for reliable, speedy delivery. Which is why sometimes some things aren’t always available: it all depends on what the tide brings in.


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The Weymouth Fleet

The fishing industry has been central to Weymouth's economy and culture for generations. Today, the majority of the local fleet are day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets and pots, the most sustainable of fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards. Most boats are owner-operated, single handed, landing their catch daily on Custom House Quay.

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